Alta White Teeth Whitening

 Alta White Teeth Whitening Review

Alta White is one of the most advertised teeth whitening products in the USA, it differs from a lot of the standard teeth whitening kits as it does not involve the use of whitening gel, or mouth trays.

How Does Alta White Workalta-white

The pack is made up of an applicator swab and the Alta White whitening powder, to use, simply dampen the applicator swab, dip it into the whitening powder and then apply to the teeth.

The makers say that if used regularly, effective teeth whitening can be noticed in as little as 6 days.

What is in Alta White

The ingredients include many chemical based compounds including Magnesium, Aluminum Trihydroxide, Glycerin, Methylparaben, and Propylpabaren.

Where Can I Buy Alta White

Alta White is only available from the official website, the makers quote a price of $49.99 for the kit (which lasts for 6 days) but when you go through the buying process, they are intent to make you sign up for a free trial of Alta White.

This looks interesting at first glance, you are effectively getting a product valued at around $50 for just the shipping cost of around $6. What you are in fact doing is signing up to take a delivery of Alta White every month for the foreseeable future, and your credit card will be debited for the full purchase price each and every month there on.

We Rate Alta White at 3/10

These ‘free trials’ are notoriously hard to cancel and the internet is full of forums detailing the problems that many people have in cancelling these trials.

We would suggest Stay Away From Free Trial Products

Our Thoughts On Alta White

There is not much evidence around that stands by the claims of the makers to this products effectiveness, added to this the fact that the only real way to obtain this product is through the free trial method leads us to suggest that you look elsewhere.

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