BDazzled Teeth Whitening Review

Does BDazzled Live Up To The Hype

One of Australia’s most successful teeth whitening products is BDazzled, a regular feature on TV advertising the kit claims to be the best teeth whitening kit available to buy.

What Is The BDazzled Kitbdazzled_comp

The kit provided by BDazzled provides everything that you would need to whiten your teeth in your own home without paying the expensive charges set by professional dentists.

The BDazzled kit Contains

  • Sufficient Whitening Gel for 2 weeks treatments
  • Two customisable teeth trays
  • Case for the trays
  • Instructional DVD and written instructions

The whitening gel in the BDazzled kit is dental grade hydrogen peroxide at 6% concentration, this is strong enough to whiten your teeth, but shouldn’t cause any of the sensitivity associated with stronger gels.

How Much Is The BDazzled Kit

The kit is sold online from the official website for $99 including shipping, the makers have a 7 day return and refund policy, but this only applies to unopened kits.

Our Thoughts On BDazzled

There is no doubt that the BDazzled kit will whiten your teeth, but when looking at value for money, this kit falls way behind other products – we would suggest looking elsewhere.

We Recommend

s4y_img_iconBefore ordering BDazzled, have a look at the kit supplied by Smile4you, it offers everything that BDazzled does, but with three major differences :

  1. With BDazzled, you only get enough product for around 14 days worth of treatments, the Smile4you kit contains enough gel for 200 treatments – the largest amount of gel found in any home kit currently available.
  2. Smile4you offer a 14 day cash back guarantee that assures you of a refund if you are dissatisfied with results – simply return any unused product to get a full refund.
  3. Cost wise, Smile4you kits start at $36.04 with a selection of packages and accessories that enhance and speed the whitening process – that is some 65% cheaper than BDazzled.

Smile4you is the only kit currently to have full FDA approval and will whiten your teeth by up to 11 shades in just 14 days

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