Bleachbright Teeth Whitening

Bleachbright Teeth Whitening

Does Bleachbright Work?

A high profile whitening kit sold throughout the USA is the one manufactured by Bleachbright.

The Bleachbright range includes both whitening pens and full whitening kits, all are sold from the official website.

The main home teeth whitening kit is the Bleachbright Home Whitening Systembleachbrite-kit1

What Do I Get With The Home Whitening System

The Bleachbright Home System includes customisable teeth trays, two syringes (each containing just 10mls) whitening gel, instructions and a storage case for the teeth trays.

The Gel included in the Bleachbright kit is a high strength gel at 30% concentrated Carbamide peroxide.

Users should expect to get about 20  treatments from the kit, extra gel can be purchased from the website for $49.99.

The cost of the Bleachbright Home Whitening kit is $89.99

What Results Could I See From Using Bleachbright

With daily use over a 7 to 10 day period, the makers say that most users could achieve up to 10 shades increase in whiteness

Is Bleachbright Any Good?

Based On Our Research, Bleachbrite Is Hard To Recommend

Worrying Health Concerns

The strength of the gel is nearly twice the maximum strength recommended by the FDA, this is highly likely to cause teeth and gum sensitivity, and could potentially damage the enamel of the teeth.

Poor Value For Money

The quantity of Gel supplied is minimal, especially when compared to some other kits. The kit is quite expensive to start with, and with only enough for around 20 treatments in the kit, Buyers will usually end up having to re-order more gel at $49.99 which will considerably increase the cost of the treatments.

We Rate BleachBright at 4/10

Cheaper,Safer And More Effective Alternative

We would strongly suggest looking at other kits,  one worth considering is the kit supplied by teeth whitening specialists Smile4you.

s4y_img_iconDeveloped in the USA over 15 years ago, and is currently the only kit to have been granted full FDA approval for its safety and effectiveness.

More About Smile4You Kits

It uses an FDA approved and safe Carbamide Peroxide whitening gel at 16% concentration, which will whiten your teeth by up to 11 shades of white without causing any sensitivity in as little as 14 days. Initial results are generally visible after the first 30 minute treatment.

The Smile4you kit provides everything you need including the largest quantity of gel of any comparable kit, sufficient for up to 200 applications.

Also with a useful shelf life of two years, unlike Bleachbrite, (and most other kits) the Smile4you kit will not need replenishing with expensive gels to keep your teeth white and healthy for the foreseeable future.

Smile4you kits start at $48.37 (inc worldwide shipping) with some optional accessories available to enhance and speed the whitening process.

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