Causes Of Teeth Staining

Why Are My Teeth Stained

Your teeth can be stained by many different things, certain drinks are probably the worst culprits with Tea Coffee and Red wine the worst offenders. Acidic drinks such as fruit juices and carbonated drinks are close behind.stk73326cor

There are ways to reduce the damage caused by these drinks, firstly you should try where ever possible to rinse mouth out with water after drinking these, alternatively use a straw, as this will keep the front teeth from being exposed to the drinks.

Another thing that can tarnish your teeth is certain antibiotics, the worst being tetracycline and minocyline, these can leave a greyish blue stain in your teeth.

Some antihistamines are also known to cause teeth staining. It maybe wise to consult your dental surgeon if you are concerned about these or other medications causing staining.

Fluoride is important as it strengthens the enamel of the teeth, excess amounts can cause white spots to appear on the enamel, this is often more apparent in children and can be caused by the toothpastes that are often high in fluoride- these are often given to children to ensure healthy teeth. If this happens, its probably wise to only use the toothpastes every other day.

Ageing will have an effect on our teeth colour, the enamel gradually thins over time to reveal the under layer which is called Dentin, this is naturally a darkish yellow colour. Genetics actually lay a part in how white your teeth are naturally. Your colour can be determined by just how white (or yellow) your parents teeth are.

guyDark coloured foods and fruits are also main culprits, soy sauce and cranberries are just two examples. A good rule to remember is that ‘If the food would stain your carpet, its more than likely to stain your teeth’ Always rinse your mouth or preferably clean your teeth after eating these kinds of food.

Damage or injury can often cause discolouration, as can some dental procedures such as deep root canal work.

Maintaining a good dental regime (regular flossing and gentle brushing) will maximise the chances of your teeth staying as healthy and as white as possible

It goes without saying but twice yearly visits to the dentist will help maintain healthy teeth.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Teeth Staining

Whitening your teeth will get rid of most staining, out of the hundreds of whitening kits available we have put together a list of our top 3 recommended whitening kits that offer safe and proven results.

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