Crest Whitestrips

The Facts On Crest WhiteStrips

Most of the American population believe that oral hygiene is an important part of their every day life.  Around 80 percent agree that regular dental care should not be ignored.

It was America that brought  teeth whitening to the rest of the world.

1332514191-916586_fullThere are many teeth whitening products on the market and one popular product is Crest Whitestrips.

What Are Whitestrips

With the majority of people leading busy lives, finding the time to visit the dental clinic along with the potential high cost of cosmetic teeth treatments will put many people off of having whitening treatments carried our professionally.

Crest Whitestrips are one way of ensuring you maintain a whiter, brighter smile, they are quite simply, adhesive strips that have been impregnated with whitening gel.  These effective strips are both convenient and affordable and are one of the most popular and recommended treatments out there at the moment.  The full range comprises :

  • Classic Whitestrips,
  • Pro Effects Whitestrips
  • Premium Whitestrips
  • Supreme Whitestrips
  • Advances Seal Whitestrips
  • Premium Plus Whitestrips

How Do Crest Whitestrips Work.

Crest Whitestrips are relatively easy to use, simply peel of the strip from a transparent film and then stick the strips to your front upper and lower teeth.  How long you  apply

Close up of young woman using a teeth whitening strip

these for and how often will depend on the type of Crest whitestrips product you use.

Some strips need to be applied for the just 5 minutes a day, while others may need 30 minutes twice daily.

Crest Whitestrips use hydrogen peroxide as their active bleaching agent, the results from using these strips are usually apparent after about 3 days.

There are quite a few favourable reviews from very satisfied customers and experts alike.  .

Do Crest Whitestrips Give Any Side Effects Or Problems

Some users of crest whitestrips have reported that it can be hard to keep the strips adhered to the teeth.  The strips can slide away from the teeth through adhesive being weakened by saliva. There have been reports of unpleasant sensitivity being caused by the harsh bleaching agent getting into contact with the gums.

Our Thoughts On Crest Whitestrips

We Rate Crest WhiteStrips At 7/10

This product is one of the best selling teeth whitening products in the world, they will whiten your teeth without a doubt…..

That said, taking into account the very real chance of unwanted sensitivity and the fact that these are not always as easy to use and keep on long enough to work properly leads us to suggesting that you maybe have a look at some alternative whitening products before making a buying decision.

We have evaluated some of the best selling teeth whitening products in the world, and do believe that you can get better, longer lasting and safer results in the same timescale with other products.

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