Different Ways To Whiten Your Teeth

Different Ways To Whiten Your Teeth

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Methods

Cosmetic dental treatments form part of a massive industry, people will pay fortunes to ensure that they have beautiful smiles and lovely white teeth. When we were young most of us hated trips to the dentist, the braces that we had to wear to straighten our06-insert-LED-teeth-whitening-light teeth were thought of as instruments of torture. We of course didn’t realise at the time just how important these treatments were and of course now, most of us thank our parents for making us suffer the treatments.

The past two decades has shown great strides in the care and treatments of our teeth, we can shape and move our teeth to give us great smiles, and we now have effective ways to get rid of the unsightly staining and discoloration that spoils our smiles.

Teeth whitening has developed into a global industry, there are numerous methods along with a wide range of costs. Some treatments are simple one off sessions; others require a number of treatments spreading over several months.

Veneers and Cosmetic Bonding

Two methods of teeth whitening are Whitening Veneers and Cosmetic Bonding; veneers are usually made in two forms: porcelain veneers and direct composite veneers. Veneers are small strips of either porcelain or plastic that are glued to the front of the teeth to cover severe staining and discolouration.

veneers1These treatments are usually offered to those who have severe staining that bleaching cannot rectify, veneers are usually a short to mid term treatment, with porcelain veneers lasting around 12 years, the plastic or cosmetic veneers around 7 years. The fitting of porcelain veneers is a longer process involving several visits to the surgery as these are made specially to fit and suit your own teeth, composite veneers can usually be fitted in one day

Cosmetic Bonding involves the injection of a resin to re-colour and to reshape your teeth; it is commonly used to fill gaps between teeth and does offer natural looking results. The only downside with this treatment is that if you are a smoker or drink lots of red wine, the resulting stains can quite quickly discolour the resin back to its original colour.


The most commonly used form of teeth whitening, carried out by professional dentists, trays-600x450beauty spas and salons. Bleaching provides quite effective results, professional treatments can cost from £200 (USD $ 325.00) upwards.  More and more users are also taking advantage of the lower costs associated with home teeth whitening kits, at prices ranging from between £30 and £100 (USD $48 – $160) these kits offer a cheaper alternative to having the work done in a dental surgery.

We have evaluated a great deal of home Teeth Whitening Kits and have formulated our recommendation as to the best three teeth whitening kits available to buy.

We have made our recommendation based on the following criteria:

  • Ingredients
  • Clinical testing and approvals
  • Customer feedback
  • Ease Of Use
  • Guarantees
  • Price


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