Facts On Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Facts

In most countries, teeth whitening is not classed as a dental procedure, instead it comes under the class of cosmetic treatments

guyA recent study by the American Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry highlighted some rather interesting facts about teeth whitening and how people feel about it.

(1) A third of the population are “concerned about how their teeth look”

(2) Just under 20% of all Americans try not to show their teeth in photographs. This includes 19% of men and in both sexes when aged between 18 and 34 years old.

(3) Only 25% of people feel comfortable with their smile, and the amount of people that admit to always smile in photographs has dropped from 27% down to 20%

(4) While women believe that a nice smile promotes a generous and warm personality, men usually believe that it can determine success both in the workplace and in personal relationships.

(5) People with unhealthy looking teeth or those with yellow stained teeth were considered to be less popular, and not as clever as those with whitened teeth, in comparison, those people with white teeth were considered to be more successful and attractive.

How Can I Get My Teeth Whitened

Your dental surgeon or the local beauty spa will no doubt offer the service; the treatment can vary considerably in cost depending where you go; professional whitening fees start BriteSmileTeeth-Whiteningfrom around $300 going up to around $1000.

These costs can make the treatment unaffordable for many people especially in these troubled financial times, the development of effective, safe home teeth whitening kits has been a revelation for millions of users worldwide.

A good home teeth whitening kit will use exactly the same methods and equipment as those used by your dental surgeon, but without the high costs.

Home teeth whitening kits start from around $50 upwards.

What Kit Should I Buy

We have reviewed a number of the top kits currently available, based on our findings; we have put together a list of our recommended top three teeth whitening kits that you can buy today.

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