Get That Perfect Smile In 5 Stages

5 Steps To Whiter Teeth

Having a brilliant smile is highly sought after by many people, TV and the media is packed full of  TV and Film Stars all having dazzling white smiles

Teeth Whitening has gained tremendous popularity over recent years, from expensive treatments carried out in Dental Surgeries, clinics and spas, down to the latest whitening White_Smiletoothpastes and home whitening kits, there seems to a product to suit everybody and all budgets.

The crucial thing before starting any teeth whitening is to ensure that your teeth are healthy and in good condition. Healthy teeth can have an effect on all aspects of your health, no just your mouth, so it is important to see a dentist to ensure that all is in order.

Here are 6 steps to ensure that your gums and teeth are healthy and ready to be whitened:

(1) Brush your teeth regularly, at least 2 and preferably 3 times a day. Look for a brush with a smaller head and don’t use brushes that are too hard, as these can damage gums and tooth enamel. Buy good quality toothpastes.

(2) Daily flossing will make sure that any trapped food will be cleared; it is this trapped food that causes the bacteria that both causes damage to the teeth and gums, but also can cause bad breath. If your teeth are tightly packed, use a waxed dental floss that helps the floss slide easily between the teeth. Daily flossing will also help combat gum diseases.

There is an old saying – ‘Only floss the teeth that you want to keep’

(3) Regular use of mouthwash will also help to clear trapped food debris, this food debris can cause plaque which can be difficult to remove, if left untreated it can turn to tartar that can only be shifted by a dental specialist. Try to use a toothpaste that incorporates fluoride, this works to strengthen the enamel making it more difficult for plaque and acids to adhere to and attack the teeth.

(4) Make regular visits to your dental surgeon, twice a year is a minimum requirement to ensure good dental health, they will inspect your teeth and gums, and advise of any BriteSmileTeeth-Whiteningpotential problems hopefully before they get serious (and costly). They can also remove any plaque and tartar that may have built up between visits.

(5) By doing all the above you are ready to embark on teeth whitening and achieve that dazzling smile that you desire, but where so you go for the treatment?, What treatment do you choose?

Your dental professional will gladly perform the whitening treatment for you, but having the work done in a surgery can be expensive, costs vary from around £200 – £300 ( $320 – $485 USD) beauty salons and spas can be a bit cheaper, but there have been reports of some using untrained staff, so make your enquiries beforehand.

The advent of home teeth whitening kits has been a saviour for millions of consumers worldwide, these kits provide people with everything required to carry out effective teeth whitening at a mere fraction of the cost of having the work done professionally.

It is important that buyers choose a kit that is proven, with so many on the market his can be a bit of a minefield. To try and make the decision far simpler, we have examined and reviewed countless home teeth whitening kits and have formulated what we feel to be the top three home whitening kits.

Our findings have been based on things such as ingredients, clinical trials and approvals, customer feedback, customer guarantees and of course price.

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