Idol White Teeth Whitening


Idol White Teeth Whitening Review

Another product from the USA is the Idol White Teeth Whitening Pen, advertised by the manufacturers as a convenient and portable product that can be kept in your purse or briefcase for use when ever the need arises. Simply apply the gel in the pen to clean 2-1teeth, results are claimed to be effective and fast working.

The product has been featured in the media, namely on CNN, Fox News, and USA today, celebrity endorsements include the Kardashian sisters.

Idol White Pens can be ordered from the official website, the pen costs $96.00 (UK customers pay GBP £59.00) including shipping, buyers are invited to join the monthly auto ship program where you can get the first pen for just $10, (GBP £6.50) further orders are then automatically shipped each and every month with your credit card being charged the full amount of $96.00 each time.

Our Thoughts On Idol White

This product is in our opinion, over hyped and over priced, there is a distinct lack of actual facts or information on ingredients, whether the product has any official approvals or has in fact been clinically tested.

We would strongly recommend against the auto ship program as these are notoriously hard to cancel, many buyers are finding them selves being charged nearly $100 per month for a product that they do not want or need.

We would Rate Idol White at 3/10

We would suggest that before making a buying decision, those considering this product have a look at our Top Three Teeth Whitening products, we have evaluated many of the products currently available and have based our recommendations on the following:

  • Official Approvals
  • Safety Record
  • Clinical testing
  • Customer feedback
  • Ingredients
  • Ease Of Use
  • Money Back Guarantees
  • Price

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