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Mint Cosmetics have unleashed their fantastic Hydrogen Peroxide based kit which has gone down a storm with customers worldwide.

Mint state that their Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) gel breaks down 400% faster than other Mint-Cosmetics-teeth-whitening-kitkits containing Carbamide peroxide (CP). This means you get the same whitening effect from a 30 minute treatment from Mint compared to 4 hours of other whitening kits.

What Is In The Mint Teeth Whitening Kit

The Mint Teeth Whitening kit is not dissimilar in many ways to other kits on the market, the kit contains:

  • 3 x customisable teeth application trays
  • 4 Syringes of 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening Gel
  • Storage Case For The Teeth Trays
  • Spare Applicator Tip
  • Full Instructions and DVD

The kit is supplied in a rather nice presentation box, which unlike some other kits would be very suitable for a gift.

As with any teeth whitening kit, the key ingredient is the whitening gel;

The Mint kit  uses dental grade Hydrogen peroxide gel at a strength of 6% concentration.

Works Up To 4 Times Faster Than Other Kits

Mint Cosmetics Official Website

90e49407e1b4a2ddda0be741b5f744521This strength is powerful enough to whiten teeth quickly and efficiently , actually the makers tell us that it is up to 4 times faster than the more standard carbamide peroxide gels found in most kits.

As with all teeth whitening, there is a small chance of some temporary teeth sensitivity, but this is usually shortlived. Over 92% users of Mint kits experience no side effects whatsoever.

This is more a problem with Kits that use stronger gels  and we would recommend avoiding any kits that use them.

We Rate Mint Cosmetics Teeth Whitening At 9.9/10


Mint Teeth Whitening Pen

The second product is the Mint Teeth Whitening pen, the same size as a normal ballpointtooth_gloss_whitening_booster pen, it uses the same whitening gel as the full kit.

Simple and convenient to take with you and use anywhere and at any time, the pen has an applicator brush that applies a fine layer of the gel to the teeth.

The makers say that users should try and keep the gel on the teeth for as long as possible and avoid drinking or eating for at least 30 minutes to get the best results.

The Mint Whitening Pen is a discreet and totally portable addition to the main kit that will fit in your purse or briefcase for use as and whenever you feel your smile needs a top up.

Where Can I Buy The Mint Teeth Whitening Products

Both products can be purchased from the official Mint Cosmetics Website, orders are shipped worldwide quickly.

How Much Do The Mint Kits Cost

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