Smile4You Teeth Whitening Christmas Discount Code

Save Money On Teeth Whitening This Christmas

Teeth whitening specialists Smile4You have released a unique discount code for orders placed between November 1st and Dec 20th.s4y_img_icon

Now you can get whiter teeth for the up and coming Christmas and New Year celebrations by taking advantage of this unique code.

Smile4you are distributors of the worlds best selling teeth whitening kit, developed in the USA over 15 years ago, their kit contains everything that you will need to whiten your teeth by up to 11 shades in just 14 days.

Containing amongst other things, the largest amount of whitening gel of any kit, the Smile4you kit is sufficient for up to 200 applications – no need for buying expensive gel re-fills

Smile4you kit contains

  • 120 mls of FDA approved whitening gel
  • Pair of customisable dental grade teeth trays
  • Application syringe
  • Full Detailed instructions

Fully Approved – No Side Effects

Smile4you is the only kit in the world that has full FDA approval, it complies with recent EU regulations and is guaranteed to work or your money back.

visible-whitening-in-30-minutes-300x287Unlike kits that use over-strength gels, the Smile4you kit uses 16% carbamide peroxide gel (the same as found in many dental surgeries) to whiten your teeth without sensitivity or other problems that can be a problem with some other kits.

How Much Does Smile4you Cost

The Smile4you kits start at $36.04 for the Starter kit with a number of package options leading up to the top of the range ‘Ultimate package’ costing $62.70See website for package details

How To Claim Your Discount

Simply Click the link below to activate the discount code and place your order from the official Smile4you website – shipping is worldwide and all orders are covered by a full 14 day cash back guarantee.

Click Here To activate and enter ‘whitexmas‘ into the box at checkout to save 10%


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