Smile4You Teeth Whitening Pen

Convenient and Portable Teeth Whitening

Smile4you have added another product to their range in the shape of a convenient Teeth whitening pen.

Using the same FDA Approved Carbamide Peroxide whitening gel as their main kit tooth_gloss_whitening_booster(16%), this convenient pen makes brightening your smile just that little bit easier.

Simple And Convenient

Simply keep in your purse, or briefcase, maybe in your desk drawer at the office for whenever that touch up is required; just remove the top, click the button a few times and apply the gel to your teeth using the pens built in applicator brush for that fast whitening.

The gel gets to work quickly, but it is adviseable to avoid drinking or eating for at least 30 minutes after applying.

And Affordable

Smile4you sell the pen for around $9.99 , they are also going to incorporate it as a free gift in with one of their whitening packages.

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