Teeth Whitening While You Shop-Is It Safe And Legal

Teeth Whitening At The Mall

Are Mall Based Whitening Salons Ok To Use

mm.0411.vm2.21During a recent shopping trip to the mall, we came across something quite surreal; in the middle of a crowded mall, here was a lady performing teeth whitening to a young man, and at the same time trying to convince other shoppers to also take advantage of her services.

When asked about her service she told us that she charged $120, and she guaranteed that our teeth would get 4 shades whiter.

Are These Kinds Of Treatments Safe

To start with, none of these treatments are ever performed by professional dentists, these type of mall based kiosks are mainly franchises, and virtually anybody with the money to buy one can set them selves up in business.

The staff on these kiosks often wear white uniforms to give customers the misleading appearance that those offering the treatments are professional dentists.

The facts are that these kinds of businesses are only just on the right side of being legal, the one point that stops them being illegal is the fact that the willing patients place the bleaching products in their mouths themselves, if the untrained staff on the kiosks did it, they would be breaking the law.

Having your teeth whitened at these kinds of kiosks might seem attractive, but the facts are that they tend to use over strength whitening gels, often around 35% concentration. While not illegal, gels of this strength well exceed the levels deemed to be safe by the FDA, who only approve gels with a strength of up to 16%. They have determined that 16% is the strongest concentration that should be used anywhere except in a dental surgery.

Bleaching gels at high concentrations (over 25%) such as those used in most Mall kiosks can often cause side effects such as teeth and gum sensitivity

We recommend that if you are looking to have your teeth whitened, then either use a professional dental surgeon, or if you prefer, invest in a proven home whitening kit – one that uses FDA approved products.

Approved Home Whitening Kits

Kate Middleton Teeth Whitening

Kate Middleton Teeth Whitening

The Royal View On Teeth Whitening

New royal bride Kate Middleton is a great fan of teeth whitening; the new Duchess of Cambridge is presently wowing the people of Los Angeles after a successful tour of Kate-Middleton-teethCanada with her husband Prince William.

In the build up to her recent wedding, Kate underwent teeth whitening to make sure that she had the most dazzling of smiles – fit for a princess.

The effects have been amazing and we have all fallen in love with the Duchess and her infectious smile.

Where Can We Get Our Teeth Whitened

Teeth whitening can be carried out by most professional dentists, spa’s and beauty clinics, courses of whitening treatments can often cost from $475.00 USD (GBP £300.00) upwards, and do need regular topping up to maintain results.

You Do Not Need To Be A Princess Or Film Star To Afford Teeth Whitening

The advent of home teeth whitening kits has literally transformed the smile of millions of people worldwide, first launched in the USA nearly 20 years ago, home kits are now commonplace and if chosen correctly, are safe and easy to use. The cost of these kits has been a huge factor in their success, average prices for good kits range between $ 56.00 USD (GBP £35.00) and $130.00 USD ( GBP £80.00) which make them far more affordable for the masses.

What Do I Look For In A Good Teeth Whitening Kit

Clinical testing and official approval, especially by the FDA is a good sign, it confirms the safety and reliability of the kit in question.

06-insert-LED-teeth-whitening-lightThe single most important part of any kit is the whitening gel, buyers should avoid kits with gels that are over 25% strength, these are rather likely to cause sensitivity of the teeth and gums, in fact the FDA recommend 16% as the optimum strength for both effectiveness and safety.

In truth most users should be able to use gels up to 25% without experiencing too many problems.

Reading customer testimonials are a good way of evaluating a product, also look for medical approvals, and a cash back guarantee – you want to be sure of some protection should the kit you buy fail to work for you.

Finally choose a kit that gives you value for money, look for the amount of gel supplied, how many treatments do you get for your money??.

We have evaluated some of the best selling teeth whitening kits in the world, from this research and taking into account the above; we have determined what we feel to be the top three teeth whitening kits currently available to buy.

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