Teeth Whitening For Sensitive Teeth

Zero Peroxide Review USA

Teeth Whitening For Sensitive Teeth

Millions of us suffer with sensitive teeth, hot and cold drinks, ice cream, and even hot food all give that sudden burst of discomfort that can make enjoying food and drink something that only others benefit from.

What about Teeth whitening? The majority of teeth whitening processes use peroxidebuy-zero-peroxide-teeth-whitening-online based whitening gels and are known to cause sensitivity during treatment. For us with highly sensitive teeth this can make the whole procedure unpalatable.

This is where the kit supplied by Zero Peroxide is different, by utilising a formula that contains absolutely no harsh peroxide gels, it offers effective teeth whitening without users running the risk of any discomfort or sensitivity.

Zero Peroxide Will Provide Users With

  • Discomfort Free Teeth Whitening
  • Visible Results In Just 20 Minutes
  • Government Approved Formula
  • Blue LED Light And Touch Up Pen With Every Kit
  • 30 Day Cash Back Guarantee For Total Peace Of Mind
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Zero Peroxide Ingredients

The makers of Zero Peroxide have studies al aspects of Dental care when formulating their product, they use Sodium Bicarbonate as the main whitening agent, and have enhanced the formula with natural, health giving ingredients including chamomile and pomegranate, both known for their abilities in both strengthening and protecting users teeth.

Superior Teeth Trays

Zero-PeroxideWith most kits providing ‘boil and bite’ teeth trays that need placing in boiling water before placing in your mouth to shape to your mouth, the trays supplied with Zero Peroxide use dental grade silicone that are soft, comfortable and can be used without the need for warming and shaping.

Additional Accessories

Zero Peroxide includes two accessories in its kit as standard that most other kits charge buyers extra for.

Blue LED Light Assembly – the blue light activates the gel and makes the whitening process both faster and more effective

Touch Up Whitening Pen – Using the same gel as the main kit, this convenient and easy to use pen can be taken anywhere and is suitable for touching up the whiteness whenever the need arises

The entire kit is supplied in a handy carry case that can be easily taken with you where ever you go.

Simple 3 Part Process

Using Zero Peroxide is As Simple As 1,2,

(1) place a fine line of gel in the teeth trays

(2)place in mouth and activate blue light

(3) Wear For 20-30 minutes before removing and rinsing mouth with clean zero-peroxide-reviewwater

It Really Is That Simple!!

How White Will My Teeth Get With Zero Peroxide

The manufacturers tell us that an improvement of between 5 and 8 shades of white are commonplace over a 3 week period.

Does Zero Peroxide Work

Sodium Bicarbonate is well know for its cleaning and teeth whitening properties, the addition of chamomile, and pomegranate only enhance the results

The website is packed with numerous testimonials all confirming the products effectiveness, the makers also back this up with a lengthy cash back guarantee – at 30 days, it is the longest guarantee of any comparable product.

Our Recommendation

Zero Peroxide is perfect for anybody with sensitive teeth who wants a whiter Hollywood smile without the risks – Highly Recommended!!

Where Can I Buy Zero Peroxide

The manufacturer’s website is the only place where you can buy genuine Zero Peroxide Kits.

The kits usually sell for $158.30 but for a limited time you can buy Zero Peroxide Today For just $94.97 With Free Worldwide Shipping

Want Whiter Teeth Without The Pain And Discomfort?

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