Teeth Whitening Trial Pack

Botanical White Trial Pack

If You Want To Whiten Your Teeth But Are Put Off By High Prices And Reports Of Side Effects Then We May Have The Answer

The prices for professional teeth whitening are enough to put many people off the idea, with treatments costing well over $200, in these hard financial times, its just one expenses too far.

The development of home teeth whitening kits has given many people the white teeth that they have always wanted, but with so many available, and with reports of some kits causing side effects, it still can be difficult finding one that works and suits you.

Try Teeth Whitening For Less That $20

Teeth Whitening speciaists Botanical White have come up with a solution that should suit botanical white trial packeverybody, they have put together a trial pack that gives the buyer everything they need to whiten their teeth by up to 11 shades in two weeks or less.

Smaller than their regular kit, it gives you 40 applications – plenty to see just how effective the kit is.

The kit uses a unique all natural formula that does not cause any of the painful sensitivity that can be a problem with some high strength peroxide gel based kits

The trial kit costs just $19.69 (GBP £12.49) which is affordable for pretty much anybody.

As a footnote – the trial pack from Botanical White gives you more treatments than many full priced kits – so this is an amazing way to experience teeth whitening without breaking the bank.

Where To Buy Botanical White Trial Pack

The kit is available directly from Botanical White, orders are shipped worldwide.

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