The USA’s #1 Teeth Whitening Kit

Smile4You Review

The USA’s #1 Teeth Whitening Kit

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With so many teeth whitening products available to buy, deciding what one to buy can be a difficult choice.

The kits supplied by Smile4You can make this choice a whole lot easier.

Smile4You market their kits worldwide, the kits were originally developed by a leading American dental surgeon over 15 years ago. Using exactly the same materials and ingredients that are found in Dental Surgeries across the world, the kit supplied by Smile4you exceeds all others in many ways.

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What Is In Smile4You

As with most kits the key ingredient is the whitening gel, Smile4you use a dental grade Carbamide peroxide gel set at a sensible 16% strength. This is fully approved by the FDA and should not cause any unpleasant side effects such as teeth and gum sensitivity.

Many kits offer higher strength gels, leading you to believe that stronger gel means quicker results, yes you might get whiter teeth slightly faster, but the sensitivity caused by these gels is rather unpleasant

The Smile4You Kit is actually the ONLY kit to have full and complete FDA approval, and they proudly display their certificate on the website to confirm this – No Other Kit Can Do This.

The kit also comprises a set of fully customisable teeth trays, a gel applicator syringe, and full instructions.

Most Gel Of Any Other Whitening Kit

The amount of Gel supplied with Smile4You is another key factor that makes it the best selling kit around the world, buyers get 120ml of gel with each kit, this is sufficient for around 200 applications. This is around 10 times more that most other kits and with a shelf life of two years, you can get and keep whiter teeth without having to re-purchase the products every few weeks.

How White Can My Teeth Get With Smile4You

The end results will depend totally on the original level of staining on the teeth, but smile4you expect that most users will see an increase of up to 11 times whiter after 14 days.

Do I Get All I Need To Whiten My Teeth

The kit contains everything you need to whiten your teeth, Smile4you also sell accessories such as blue laser light kits to accelerate the process and re-mineralisation gels that will protect and strengthen your teeth

Why Buy Smile4You Teeth Whitening Kit

  • The Only Kit To Have Full FDA Approval
  • No Side Effects For Over 99% Of Users
  • More Gel Than Any Other Kit
  • Over 200 Treatments
  • Proven Results
  • Easy To Use
  • Two Year Shelf Life – No Need To Re-purchase Regularly

Our Thoughts On Smile4You

It is difficult to beat this product, it beats most other kits hands down on virtually all fronts

We Rate Smile4You at 9.5/10

Where To Buy Smile4You

Smile4You is available across USA and Canada with free worldwide shipping directly from the official website,

Prices start at just $33.99 for a starter kit – everything you need to get that Hollywood smile.

Best Value Package

The best value package is the smile4you Express Whitening package

Buyers receive the full Smile4you whitening kit, along with one blue laser light to speed the whitening results . The usual cost of this package would be $86.99, but Smile4you are currently offering this package for the reduced price of $40.99 – all with free worldwide shipping

For Safe, Dental Quality Teeth Whitening In The Comfort of Your Own Home

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