Tooth Gloss Whitening Booster

Tooth Gloss Whitening Booster Review

Leading Teeth whitening company Smile4You have added another effective product totoothgloss their range of teeth whitening kits.

The product – called Tooth Gloss Whitening Booster is a non abrasive, peroxide free formula that gives a polished, shiny coating to the teeth, it enhances teeth that have been whitened and also helps to protect the teeth against the build up of more stains, gingivitis and bad breath.

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Tooth Gloss works best when used in conjunction with a teeth whitening product, (but can be used on its own).

Tooth Gloss will (as its name suggests) give the teeth a glossy, polished smile quickly and easily.

Tooth Gloss is easy to use, simply apply a small amount of tooth gloss to a toothbrush, or simply apply to your teeth with a finger. Allow to dry for a few seconds – and admire the shine!!.

Tooth Gloss contains

Water,Polaxamer,Alcohol,Saccharin, Eucalyptol,Menthol,Carbopol 940,Sucralose,
Peppermint flavour and Sodium benzoate

Where Can I Buy Tooth Gloss Whitening Booster

Tooth Gloss is available from smile4you for $9.99


Smile4You ship worldwide for free and every order comes with a full cash back guarantee.

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