What Are Remineralisation Gels

What Are Remineralisation Gels

How Do Remineralisation Gels Work?

When we whiten our teeth we usually get that whiter smile that we desire, but what we do not know is that while we are whitening our teeth, the gel used in some kits can actually begin to strip away the enamel from our teeth, this can cause sensitivity and the sensitive_teethpossible development of cavities.

Using a remineralisation gel after teeth whitening is the perfect way to protect your teeth, it will make your teeth strong, healthy and less prone to sensitivity. Most remineralisation gels use a special formulation of calcium, phosphate and fluoride to replenish and strengthen the enamel.

Benefits Of Using Remineralisation Gels

  • Special formula remineralises enamel after bleaching
  • Maintains stronger enamel
  • Reduces the risk of tooth sensitivity
  • Can remineralize small lesions in teeth
  • Simple to use, place in dental teeth trays and wear for 5 minutes
  • Can be used overnight for best results

How Do Remineralisation Gels Work

gel-packs_1_3Teeth whitening bleach can cause the enamel to erode, and could possibly expose microscopic holes in the teeth that lead directly to the nerve. This can cause sensitivity of the teeth especially when eating hot or cold foods and drinks.

The application of remineralisation gels allows essential minerals to be deposited onto the teeth enamel, this strengthens the general tooth structure, replenishes the enamel, making the teeth stronger, and less sensitive. They are highly recommended to be used when whitening your teeth.

They are easy to use and in fact can be applied by using the same teeth trays that are used to whiten your teeth. Apply a small amount of gel into clean trays, and then wear the trays as usual for around 5 minutes for best results, try and avoid eating or drinking anything for around 30 minutes after treatment.


Reminerisation gels Are An Essential Part Of Any Good Teeth Whitening Kit

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