What Is Carbamide Peroxide

Facts About Carbamide Peroxide

Carbamide peroxide is one of the most widely used compounds in the process of teeth whitening, both dental surgeries and home teeth whitening kits favour this as the main ingredient in their products.

Carbamide peroxide is also known as Urea Hydrogen Peroxide or Perhydrol –Urea.

How Does It Work

The compound contains the bleaching agent hydrogen peroxide; It works by breaking36CP10mL_500x500-300x300 down into a water based solution that enters the microscopic holes in the enamel and dentin in your teeth. This then oxides, producing oxygen that basically turns coloured compounds in your teeth (stains etc) into colourless compounds that turn your teeth into a brighter, whiter colour.

The higher the concentration of Carbamide peroxide, generally the lower the levels of hydrogen peroxide, for example, a 10% strength of Carbamide peroxide breaks down into roughly 3% hydrogen peroxide.


So What Strength Of Carbamide Peroxide Should We Use

Some Dental surgeries and Home kit manufacturers work on the premise that ‘stronger is best’ and it is possible to find surgeries and home kit offering gel strengths upwards of 30% concentration


107801160_657It is not uncommon for stronger carbamide peroxide gels (over 16% concentration) to cause irritation or sensitivity and for these reasons it is recommended that these gels be avoided.

Official Recommendations

The FDA in the USA has set some guidelines as to the safe limits of whitening gels and recommend that users keep to a maximum strength of 16%, this strength is strong enough to effectively whiten teeth, but should not (in most cases) cause any sensitivity.

This does not mean that gels over this strength are illegal, but to be safe and sure we would recommend 16% as the absolute maximum strength to be used.

Do Your Research

Before deciding on teeth whitening of any type, whether its going to be done by a professional dental surgery or you are going to buy a home kit and do it yourself, always check out the strength of gel that is going to be used, also always try to ensure that any product being used are FDA approved for total peace of mind, that way you will known that everything being used has been tested and is safe.

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