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Beaming White Teeth Whitening By Clear White Teeth

Beaming White Now Available Across The UK and EU

Beaming White are one of the biggest names in teeth whitening, they make a complete range of products and these can be found in dental practices all across the world.

Aside from their professional whitening services, Beaming White also sell a professional version of their whitening kits for use at home, in the UK and throughout Europe, theyTakeHomeWhitening-DeluxeKit-BW-complete are sold by Teeth Whitening specialists Clear White Teeth.

Clear White Teeth sell the complete range of home whitening products, they all comply with the recent change in EU regulations concerning the supply of highly strength bleach based products to the masses.

The new law limits the strength of these peroxide based gels, and now it is recommended that buyers choose a product that uses non peroxide based whitening compounds.

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Whats In The Beaming White Kit

The key to any teeth whitening kits effectiveness is the whitening gel itself, while many kits have decided to use the housewives favourite baking soda (aka sodium bicarbonate) the dentists behind Beaming White prefer to use Sodium Perborate, this is a proven cleaning and whitening compound often used in Dental Surgeries that penetrates deep into the enamel, reducing staining and whitening teeth from the inside out.

Sodium Perborate is proven to be more effective than Baking Soda, and will not cause any of the teeth sensitivity so often linked to bleach based products.

There are two kits in the range, both are designed to be used over a five day treatment period –

The Classic Kit contains enough whitening gel for 5 x 35 minute treatments, a pair of fully customisable teeth trays, a carry case, a tube of aftercare gel, and a whitening activator spray that should be used just before the treatment to activate the whitening process.

This kit should provide an increase in whiteness of around 8 shades

The Deluxe Kit contains exactly the same as the classic, in addition to this, buyers receive a dental quality blue light assembly that helps to speed and improve the whitening process.

This kit should offer increased benefits of up to 11 shades of white

daily-white-fusion-thumb-500x500Whitening Foam

Alongside the whitening kits, Clear White Teeth also supply Daily White, a powerful foaming cleanser and whitening booster that takes the place of regular toothpaste.

There are two products in the pack – the first is a deep cleansing foam that quickly cleans your teeth, and a specially formulated whitening foam that fizzes and quickly removes staining to leave your teeth whiter than before.

The foam is an excellent alternative product and can be used on its own, however it is recommended to use the Daily White foam in conjunction with the teeth whitening kit for maximum whitening results.

Where To Buy

Clear White Teeth sell the kits and the foam directly from their official website

The Classic Kit Costs Just £ 39.95

The Deluxe Kit £ 49.95 and the Daily White Foam just £29.95

Orders are shipped across the UK and throughout the EU quickly and securely

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